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IMG_3075_LZ_teachingSometimes women manage to succeed in one of her roles or one area, but in others she does not feel she deserves her dream; it might be her career or maybe love life.  Sometimes she feels she can’t do it all or even worse doesn’t deserve it all.

When women know who they are, they take care of their

– Health,
– Attract the ideal relationships for business and their life,  then
– Truly becomes their best selves!

During Laurie’s inspirational talk with your group, she’ll guide you through the seven steps to learn how to bring your authentic self with all of your gifts to the world while embracing your femininity and owning your power you can get into your personal flow and live your dream life.

Live life to the fullest.


Laurie Zerga’s Bio

Do you know a woman that feels?:

  • Scattered
  • Unfulfilled
  • Stuck
  • Doing it all alone?

Women play so many roles, what if you don’t have to choose between roles, rather you acknowledge the full range you are capable of accessing? 


Laurie Zerga is the Founder & Women’s Empowerment Officer for Feminine Power Flow.
She has a combined passion for:

  • Relationships,
  • Community, and
  • Business to support Professional and Entrepreneurial women.


As an Italian American raising two daughters climbing the corporate ladder from Bechtel and Siemens, international engineering and technology firms to an officer at Charles Schwab in financial services, she learned to successfully navigate the many roles society mandates of women.  She transitioned through:

  • Business consultant
  • Heart-based entrepreneur Chef-K®, culinary health  for kids; a national company
  • A professional coach today, she helps women reclaim inner beauty, and feminine power while expressing their authentic self to lead their dream life.


Laurie supports Professional & Entrepreneurial Women who want to follow their heart to make their life and their community better. They are successful and long for something deeper and fulfilling. They may wonder when someday will come.

Laurie does this through 1-on-1 and group coaching, workshops, and speaking to groups.


Today, can be the day you begin to live your dream life with personal development support from a heart-based professional coach.

Set up time to speak with Laurie about coming to your organization

I wanted to thank you! You did a wonderful job and the feedback from the group was extremely positive!! I think what they most enjoyed was not just the valuable information you provided but the way in which it was delivered, with humorous personal stories intertwined. There was a feeling of inclusiveness and engagement. So on behalf of the Board, thank you again. We really appreciate you sharing your life experience with us.


President, Sonoma Professional Business Women

Laurie spoke at our live monthly event, Developing Alliances: Professional Gatherings for Extraordinary Women. Her topic was “3 Proven Steps to Unleash Your Feminine Power and Envision Your Dreams” and through her speaking expertise, approachable and charismatic presence and the power of her message she touched every woman in the room! Her interactive exercises helped us to understand how much we actually do in life, hidden roles that demand time and energy. She shared how prioritizing what really has heart and meaning and regularly practicing self-care can shift the balance in our lives, enriching us all. Laurie is an expert presenter and I highly recommend  her.

Aimee Lyndon-Adams

Co-Founder, What Truly Matters, Redefining Success

Speaking Experience

Audiences from 12 to 1,000 feel Laurie’s authenticity, down-to-earth humor and heart.

  • Ted McGrath – Message 2 Millions
  • Mary Morrissey – DreamBuilderLIve

Selected Conferences

  • ACEI:  Association  Childhood Education International
  • CAPHERD: California Physical Health Ed Recreation and Dance
  • CSNA: California School Nutrition Assoc.
  • CACFP: Child and Adult Care Food Program
  • NAFCC: National Association of Family Child Care  
  • USAF Teen Leadership

Speaker Topics

Feminine Power Flow

  • 7 Step Formula to Feminine Power Flow
  • Women Power and Body Esteem
  • Living Your Life Full Spectrum


  • Bring Pre-School Kids into the Kitchen
  • Ingredients for Healthy Eating
  • Let’s Get Cooking

Laurie Speaking at Message 2 Millions

Ted McGrath – Message 2 Millions

Mary Morrissey – DreamBuilderLive

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Example Offerings

7 Step Formula to Feminine Power Flow

So many high achieving professional women are highly successful but feel scattered, isolated, and ultimately unfulfilled. They dream of leaving a legacy to community.  Yet they get caught up in the busi-ness of daily activities, and feel they are on a hamster wheel.

During her inspirational talk, Laurie guides the group through seven steps to learn to bring their true self to the world while embracing femininity and owning their power to live their dreams.


Women Power and Body Esteem

Many women avoid looking in the mirror at all costs.  It’s no wonder with the media messages about beauty.  Before women can stand in their power and follow their dreams, they must be comfortable in their own skin.  The first step is self-esteem and starts with their body

Laurie helps women renew their relationship and appreciation for their body. Women learn to eliminate negative self-talk to gain confidence.   They become aware of  their beauty from inside out.


Living Your Life Full Spectrum

Busy women are the first ones to fall off their own to do list; that’s if they are even on it to start.  They postpone their dreams.  Before they know it; they have repeated one year, five or ten or twenty times rather than growing and evolving each year.

Laurie helps women to get clear on their dreams and goals, then shows the three most important keys to turning their dreams into reality.


 Set up time to speak with Laurie about inspiring your organization

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